Have you ever wanted to know the real numbers of your industry? A sector? A field?


As you may know, it's very complicated to obtain all of these real numbers because of the various problems related to the NACE codes (SBI in The Netherlands or NAF in France). These codes classify the core businesses of the activities of a company. Unfortunately, it appears that 63% of company codes are wrong or irrelevant...

This is here that comes into play. The company has developed a tool allowing to conduct company researches based on keywords. You provide a keyword to the system and you directly obtain many outputs such as company names, VAT numbers, websites, main sector activities, employments, turnover estimates, competitors, accuracies of the result and so on. This solution, which is here a barometer, has been developed for any keywords.

Barometers provide a real macro-economic vision!

Let's take the example of the King Baudouin Foundation based in Brussels and the Circle Economy based in Amsterdam. The foundation is looking for all the companies in Brussels active in the "circular economy" with minimum 6 million turnover in agrifood.

As you can see, delivered companies lists having a link with the keyword, regardless the official industry code (NACE here):



All the results of this barometer will be issued soon.

If you want to have similar benefits than the King Baudouin Foundation, feel free to ask a demo if you think you can use our technology for your company!

Have a good day!



By Thomas Pirenne