Improving its conversion rates from 3% to 25%, impossible?

Improving its conversion rates from 3% to 25%, impossible?

Today, it is impossible to trust official publications or suppliers providing direct marketing solutions for prospection purposes. They are unable to determine precisely the main activity of a company in most cases because the codes that classify the core businesses of the activities of a company (NACE or SBI codes) are wrong or irrelevant in 63% of the cases.

As a result, many advertising messages are clearly ineffective because they do not correspond to the company's activity. In addition to economic (and ecological) inefficiency, receiving a message that does not correspond to one's activity or need is the opposite of what marketing is about, which is meeting a need.

This is here that comes into play. The company has developed a tool allowing to improve the prospection of new customers based on keywords. Concretely, the tool adjusts the relevance of the target thanks to a correction of the NACE codes.

As you can see here, delivered a listing of companies active in "e-commerce" for DHL Belgium:


Thanks to this targeted search on e-commerce, DHL improved its conversion rates from 3% to 25%. Not only that, the return on investment for a campaign of DHL on inactive customers increased by 54%, only because the message was adapted to their profile.

If you want to have similar benefits than DHL for your marketing campaign, feel free to ask a demo if you think you can use our technology for your company!

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By Thomas Pirenne