Starters: how to be the first to propose your B2B services before your competitors?

Starters: how to be the first to propose your B2B services before your competitors?

In the B2B sector, it is difficult and expensive for a company to attract a customer when the client has already subscribed to similar offers and services from a competitor.

Therefore, getting to be the first to bid on a potential customer is essential to improve the conversion rate of a business. In addition, the stake is real because more than 100.000 new companies are created each yearin Belgium.

To be the first, the company can use official publications to identify new entities in order to send them offers as soon as they have been created.

However, a problem arises: these official publications are published every month, which is far too long to contact new companies because they have already subscribed to other offers, most of the time.

This is where Inoopa comes in. The Belgian scale-up has become aware of this issue of timing and rapidity in our societiesand, among its many offers, Inoopa responds to this problem:

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the scale-up manages to analyse the information of the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (in French) or the Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen (in Dutch)and to retrieve the name and the sector of activity of the new companies from their creation.

The scale-up also retrieves their email and physical addresses to submit a personalized offer in a very short time.

Inoopa now offers this service to VOO (telecom sector), which wanted to be the first business to offer its telephony and Internet services to new companies in the building sector.

And you? What are you waiting for to request a demo if you think that our technology can help your business?

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By Thomas Pirenne